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EMF Protection Clothing & Goods Store.

The #1 Global Online EMF Store.

Leading Experts in EMF Protection

Others boast of being the first. However, WE can boast that our experience and expertise in EMF-protective products are second to none.

✔️ Forty years experience in manufacturing.

✔️ Over twenty years experience in the EMF shielding specialist area.

✔️ We now export to more than 40 countries worldwide.

✔️ Our products effectively shield your vital organs from harmful EMF.

✔️ Our personal and friendly attention to customer satisfaction is the hallmark of the EMF Clothing and Shielding experience.

✔️ Independent laboratories test all our products.

✔️ We proudly manufacture in the U.K.

✔️ We don't use nasty chemicals.

Our company was founded in the U.K. by Geoff Simmonds. Before forming the company, Geoff spent 30 years in manufacturing and technology. Ten of those years were spent in the EMF shielding specialist area before forming EMF Clothing more than a decade ago.

Work Rest and Play — With confidence

We produce an extensive range of the highest quality EMF Protective Clothing and accessories, made to the highest standards to protect you and your family. We've got you covered (literally). We provide you with the very best EMF radiation protection — from simple apparel to wall and window coverings, and so much more that you never knew existed in EMF protection. 

Innovative and forward-thinking, we always strive to keep at the forefront of new EMF protection developments, continually monitoring big tech and the new generations of electromagnetic fields to stay one step ahead for your benefit.