I have read on some websites that EMF shielding clothing can supposedly make exposure worse because the radiation can enter through any openings, bounce around, and not escape. Is this true? 

Any EMF radiation that manages to enter the garment through any opening does not bounce around but rather is absorbed into the body. Hence the need to cover-up in much the same way as we cover-up to avoid sunburn. But this medium of EMF exposure is minimal.

Naturally, there is no protection where body areas are exposed. In these areas, radiation exposure is the same as with sunlight or UV radiation. However, to reassure you, Leblok Clothing does shield all body areas (where covered with our EMF products) from electromagnetic field radiation.

Just like when using a sunblock cream to shield you from harmful UV radiation, EMF Protective Clothing shields you from dangerous Electromagnetic fields. Uncovered areas are not protected.

Please take a look at the illustration in this brochure to learn how our fabrics protect.

Leblok Clothing is more expensive than other cheaper brands. Why is this?

Our clothing contains a very high silver content. This provides an order of magnitude higher protection than other brands with lower silver content. Of course the more silver used than the more expensive the fabric.

Our products are also independently tested in certified and approved laboratories to the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) international standards and are certified to the highest level. That way our customers can be guaranteed that they are buying the highest quality shielding. Our products are also independently tested for chemical contamination in approved and certified laboratories, so you can be sure there are no toxic chemicals in our products.  

Someone told me that EMF Shielded clothing acts as a Faraday cage and conducts electricity, so it isn't safe if it's not earthed. 

The body is a conductor and therefore conducts electricity, with or without EMF protective clothing. Our EMF protective textiles' unique structure behaves as an extension of the body, so there is no essential need to earth. However that said, grounding itself has its own benefits and is strongly encouraged in the right and safe environment..

Does washing affect the shielding levels of the clothing?

Like any other clothing type, our EMF Protective Clothing range is affected by abrasion, and continued wear will degrade any fabric. Needless to say, the material will diminish gradually over a long period through wear & tear and spin-drying. So, if you value the life of your garment, treat it respectfully.

How do you preserve the clothing products?

Your EMF clothing is proven to benefit from longevity by using our very popular, specially formulated, Lebrok washing powder. This is especially formulated for silver fabrics.

Fun fact: Most Leblok EMF Clothing has a high silver content and therefore acts as a natural anti-bacterial medium. It has the advantage of not requiring frequent washing (to maintain its fresh appeal) as often as other clothing.

I have heard that EMF Canopies are not good to use because they block the Earth's natural frequencies (the Schumann resonance) from reaching you. If that's so, would it be bad for my health to use one?

Not at all. The Schumann resonance is a global electromagnetic resonance phenomenon, named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, who first predicted it. It peaks at an extremely low frequency (ELF) of around 7.83 Hz. The great news is, neither our canopies, nor our clothing, shield this frequency, so they do not block it. This frequency permeates through the whole earth, nothing can stop it.

Our EMF products are specifically designed only to shield the harmful high-electromagnetic and electrical fields, and therefore, the Earth's natural frequencies will continue to flow as usual.