Don't wait until you, your child, or your loved one becomes ill from EMF Radiation— you need to be proactive in protecting yourself and your family now.

We can see and smell pollution from cars and industry, sometimes in the form of smog, but the alarming fact is, EMF Radiation is an invisible smog penetrating our entire body every day, including our vital organs. We can't see it, feel it, or smell it— but it's there. In fact, EMF Radiation is everywhere, in our home, workplace, education facilities, and travel, continually polluting us and making us sick. 

Too many ignore the warning signs.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of people do little or nothing to protect themselves from EMF Radiation. Infants and children are particularly vulnerable as some studies show that EMF Radiation can adversely interfere with cell formation and reproduction. Pregnant women should note that the womb does not protect their unborn child from EMF radiation.

Time is of the essence.

Did you know that the new 5G base installations can be as small as a box that fits on a lamp-post? Each one emanates even more EMF Radiation into our already over-polluted environment. It's estimated, in the U.K. alone, a further 400,000 base installations are necessary to facilitate the new 5G service! In the USA, that figure rises to millions!!

Like a Tsunami.

5G will swamp our environment with EMF Radiation at levels we couldn’t conceive were possible a few years ago. With the introduction of 5G, there will literally be no escaping EMF pollution unless we take preventative action to reduce the health risks of being in its path. Equally alarming is Tech companies worldwide are already planning for 6G, so the urgency to protect ourselves is more significant than ever before.

Best kept secrets!

Some scientists' reports misleadingly state that there is no evidence that EMF Radiation affects our health. However, a little-known fact is that companies who produce our beloved devices have been including an EMF Radiation health warning in their small print for years! It certainly makes you wonder why they publish a warning with each device if there is, indeed, no risk to the user?

The world's favourite EMF protection brand.

If you've been contemplating using EMF protection or are just becoming familiar with the adverse health effects of EMF Radiation and Pollution, then you've come to the right place. We've been protecting the EMF aware community with our superior quality products for over a decade. When searching for peace of mind, Leblok Clothing has you covered— literally. Our range even includes garments for pregnant women, plus underwear to protect our reproductive systems.

Our stellar reputation.

Leblok, along with its mother company, EMF Clothing and Shielding, is a long-standing EMF Protection manufacturer and currently exports to over 40 countries worldwide. Leblok has more twenty five years experience in pioneering EMF protection and manufacturing with over a decade as an independent company. So, if anyone knows about EMF Radiation, its adverse effect on health, and how to protect the public from it— it's Leblok.

With Leblok garments, you really do get what you pay for.

With Leblok garments, there's no 'less is more'. Each garment is a quality statement piece of technologically designed and constructed to blend with any contemporary fashion trend. We use a very high ratio of silver in our versatile unique fabrics (unlike many cheaper brands), plus, silver is Earth’s natural EMF blocker. Each silver thread is woven expertly into the cloth we use to manufacture our superior quality garments. Leblok clothing provides you with a confident wall of EMF Radiation protection, of the covered areas, significantly reducing the adverse effects of Radio Frequencies penetrating our bodies.

Testing & Simulation

All our fabrics and materials are tested by independent certified laboratories. Our products are not only tested for EMF protection, but (unlike many other brands) they are also tested for possible chemical contaminants too. This ensures your family can be safe in the knowledge that their skin will not be exposed to any toxic chemicals. Using unique simulation technology, we design and manufacture all our products to the highest specification, providing you with protection against a common but unseen public enemy.

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Be safe and best regards,

The Leblok Team