Electromagnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome, also known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity or Electrosensitivity, is a rare condition affecting an estimated 4% of the population.

However, as knowledge increases, experts estimate that figure will rise as more people correlate their symptoms with their proximity and exposure to EMF radiation pollution both at home and in the workplace.

Studies show that those already suffering from conditions that weaken their immune system are particularly susceptible to the effects of EMF radiation‚ÄĒ no one is exempt, including children and pets.


Symptoms can vary according to the individual's medical fitness. Electromagnetic Fields and radiofrequency radiation's adverse effects often become apparent after an illness that has left a person weakened. It's not just the obvious medical conditions and treatments that can cause a weakened immune system neither. Some studies have shown that even allergies, such as food sensitivity, or hayfever could be enough to trigger Electrosensitivity.

Here are just a few of the symptoms associated with EMF exposure.

Headaches, anxiety, impaired cognitive ability, speech defects, nerve pain, memory loss, vertigo, painful joints, nerve pain, rashes, dry skin, brain fog, numbness, rapid or irregular heartbeat, immune system dysfunction, depression, tinnitus, fatigue, dizziness, lack of concentration, mood swings, irritability and insomnia. 

How can I tell if I am at risk of EMF exposure?

One way to know if your health or the health of those around you is affected by EMF radiation is to do an observational experiment and keep a record. Note if there's an adverse change in well-being when in close proximity to objects known to emit EMF radiation and radiofrequency waves.

To help with your analysis, a critically important piece of equipment that thousands of people have invested in is an EMF Frequency meter. This device has an extensive Radiation Field (RF) frequency range of 300 MHz up to 6 GHz (when used with a suitable antenna). The strength and the frequency can be easily measured. The graphic LCD screen shows the strength of the RF field, also the strength of the signal as a function of frequency in a graph. It can also show the pulses of pulsed RF radiation on the screen, and you can listen to these pulses through the built-in speaker.

Where will I find EMF radiation?

The short answer is, practically everywhere!

At home, all electrical equipment is filling your home environment with deadly EMF pollution, including your washing machine, microwave, internet, wifi, smart devices, mobile phones, Games consols, T.V's, etc.

At work, you can include all electrical devices, intranet, wifi systems, powerpoints, lighting, music and intercom systems, power tools, electrical machinery, etc. Even the transport you use will have electrical systems, including some SatNav systems, and hand's-free communication systems.

External. Also vital to your research is to check out the location of any radio masts, base stations, power stations and substations, smart meters installed by utility companies, etc.

En route, research signal masts, and base station locations along your route to work, school, or shopping center. How many are there? All radiate an electromagnetic field, penetrating not only all your vital organs but also your blood and cell reproduction systems.

How close are you and your family to Emf radiation on a daily/regular basis?

Using an EMF Frequency Meter, you'll precisely detect where the EMF radiation is emanating from and how intense the waves are.

In the U.K. alone, there are an estimated 35,000 masts and base stations. So, you're never far from one or more, particularly if you live in built-up areas.

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